Dr. Brian Naranjo, staff researcher
UCLA Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
405 S. Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547
naranjo@physics.ucla.edu and naranjo@mit.edu are forwarded to brian.naranjo@gmail.com
Office: Knudsen 2-145, (310) 825-1842

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Macroporous Etch for the GALAXIE Accelerator
UCLA, June 2013

GALAXIE Photonics Update
San Diego, April 2013

GALAXIE: A Compact X-ray FEL at HBEB 2013
San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 2013

B. Naranjo, A. Valloni, S. Putterman, and J.B. Rosenzweig,
Stable Charged-Particle Acceleration and Focusing in a Laser Accelerator Using Spatial Harmonics,
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Preprint, supplementary materials, and raw figures

B. Naranjo et al., Photonic laser-driven accelerator for GALAXIE,
AIP Conf. Proc. 1507, 488 (2012 Austin AAC)

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